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Investment Products 

Altshuler Shaham provides a wide spectrum of financial products and services, ranging from mutual funds to lifelong savings and pension funds.
Specifically designed to fulfill the needs of our investors, the wide variety of products enables an optimal fit between various Investment products and the different financial requirements at every stage of life.

Our innovative approach is coupled with extensive experience and a professional outlook. As a result, Altshuler Shaham can deliver financial services that best serve individual clients.

Portfolio Management

Altshuler Shaham currently manages the investment portfolios of thousands of clients, with AUM of NIS billions.

The company’s broad clientele includes institutional bodies and private individuals, in addition to publicly-traded and privately-held businesses. Portfolios can be managed at any bank in Israel, at the convenience of each individual client.


The information stated above does not constitute investment advice/marketing, and/or pension advice/marketing and/or a substitute for said advice/marketing, which considers each individual’s particulars and requirements, and does not constitute an offer to purchase mutual fund units. The purchase of mutual fund units will be made only on the basis of a current prospectus and immediate reports.
The above is not to be considered as a commitment by Altshuler shaham to any specific return on investments.

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