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  • 1990 - Gilad Altshuler establishes the investment company
  • 1991 - Kalman Shaham leaves his job at Betuch Bank of Jarusalem and joins the company. It is now a new               partnership: Altshuler Shaham
  • 1992 - The company offices are moving from Rechuvot to Silver house in Tel-Aviv
  • 1992 - Ernaldo Choen, an immigrant from Brazil, joins the company and teaches Gilad all about option trading
  • 1993 - The first option that was traded in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange was between Gilad Altshuler and The               Benleumi Bank.
  • 1993 - A conservative thinking lead to the reduction of the stock percentage in the portfolio, just before the 1994              pmarket collapse!
  • 1994 - Roni Bar joins as a partner in the company
  • 1994 - The first Mutual funds are launched 1995 - Chen Altshuler joins the company as a senior analyst and head              of research division
  • 1995 - The company moves to a new offices on Rotchild Street
  • 1999 - Ran Shaham joins the company as an analyst and later on as the trading room and nostro manager
  • 2002 - The Study funds and Provident Funds was launched
  • 2004 - The total amount of management funds passes the 2 billion ILS and the company has 35 employees
  • 2005 - The company moves to its final location at Habarzel Street in Tel-Aviv
  • 2005 - The Bachar Committee decisions improve the competitiveness of the company and its management funds              increases dramatically
  • 2008 - Ran Shaham replaces Kalman Shaham as Co-CEO together with Gilad Alshuler
  • 2008 - The total amount of management funds passes the 8 billion ILS and the company has 153 employees
  • 2008 - The Pension fund is launched
  • 2009 - "Perfect" Group is merged into the Pension division of the company
  • 2009 - Yair Levinstein is appointed as the CEO of the Pension division
  • 2010 - The investment house "Ramco" is been acquire
  • 2011 - The total amount of management funds passes the 18.5 billion ILS and the company has 236 employees
  • 2012 - The first investment games on Facebook was launched with tens of thousands of participants
  • 2015 - Altshuler shaham insurance division was launched
  • Today - The Altshuler shaham Group has 460 employees and managers who are managing funds of 74.5 billion ILS for 100`s of thousands of clients. Its extraordinary combination of human capital, loyal customers and smart investments are the key for its successes.

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